DCIS is Non-Threatening???

Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ
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DCIS is Non-Threatening???

Postby Emerald » 31am31America/New_York()

So I am reading my "Readers Digest" (Apr 2009) about "What's Wrong With Cancer Tests" and imagine my surprise to read that DCIS "generally does not become invasive" and that "mammography leads many women to get unnecessary treatment- especially those diagnosed with DCIS."

What the heck are they thinking??????

My mammogram saved my life.......DCIS that had become invasive and only caught early b/c of mammography........

Then the article goes on to say "screening tests are very good at catching tumors that would never bother us, but they are actually pretty bad at catching the fastest growing and most deadly cancers in time to cure them"

How many women will think they dont need to bother with mammo's after reading this article? It does point out both sides of the aurgument, but speaking as a woman who doesnt want to be bothered with routine exams, etc, I would normally have read this, and thought "See??? I dont need to inconvenience myself with testing that wont do me any good anyway."

You can read the online article here: http://www.rd.com/living-healthy/cancer-screening-and-prevention-news-in-health/article122134.html
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