Partial Radiation isn't working well.

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Partial Radiation isn't working well.

Postby Rosemary44 » 07am31America/New_York()

This report is about those radiated pellets that they put in the breast near or at the site of the tumor. They don't seem to be working. Women who have chosen this procedure are twice as likely to need their breast removed because of a recurrence.

I was offered that procedure and I turned it down. I didn't want another operation, one to put them in, and another to take them out. When I was getting the usual radiation, I kicked myself for not thinking about it longer.

Well, I can finally put that decision to rest. I made the right choice after all.

They will be reporting the results of partial radiation at a conference today in San Antonio.

Then in other BC news, and here I go being suspicious again, there is a new test that will show which women only need surgery for DCIS. No rads or hormone reducing meds will be required.

In this new age of obamacare, this new test scares the heck out me. In the past we would have accepted it at face value, but not anymore. I'd have to know a lot more about the accuracy of this test before I gave up all treatment.

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