Revision # ..... Here we go again

Breast reconstruction is sometimes one of the most difficult decisions to make. Discuss different options here.
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Revision # ..... Here we go again

Postby Emerald » 15pm30America/New_York()

Well, I dont know if any of you had mastectomies with reconstruction, but I did.

Double mastectomy with expanders at time of dx.

Then expander exchange six months later.

Then revision 3 months later.

Then reconstruction again 6 months later.

Then reconstruction again this past July.

I am having ONE more reconstruction Monday, Nov. 26. If this doesn't work - I might just be "over it"

I am so sick of surgeries and doctors.

But I am thankful that I have an AWESOME PS who is determined to make me look as "normal" as fakely possible! LOL !!? !!?

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Re: Revision # ..... Here we go again

Postby RightyHeidi » 16am30America/New_York()

Best wishes to you! Everything's crossed and prayers will be said that all goes well. Hang in's been a long road.

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Re: Revision # ..... Here we go again

Postby Mimi2 » 16pm30America/New_York()

Em, I'm so sorry you are going through MORE surgery. After this one I want to see you in Playboy Magazine. ::D I would love to be a Playgirl. However, as you know I'm a little bit too old... :old: and I'm lopsided. Not so pretty... :~~

You and my DH are having surgery on the same day...his for an abdominal aneurysm.

We all luv you and KNOW this time will be the last and you will have beautiful boobs. >=; ::D
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